Cornering – Part 1 Introduction

Cornering is a key skill that must be learned by any new criterium racers.  New crit racers are quickly shelled out the back if they don’t know how to corner.  Even if you have good fitness if you can’t corner, you will not be successful as a crit racer.  There are many other skills but being able corner is the first.  It is one thing to be able to go fast through a corner by yourself.  You can follow the typical advice of starting at the outer edge and then hitting the apex of the corner, and finally drifting out to the outside while making a nice smooth arc.  Obviously, this is the fastest way to go through the corner, but the story changes when you are 3-5 wide with a hundred other guys all trying to do the same thing.  My first crit about 20 years ago was quite a shock!  I had no idea about how to corner with that many riders.  Now, I don’t even think about it.  This is one skills that is like driving a car for a crit racer.  You must be completely comfortable going through so fast through a corner that if you start to slide a little bit over a paint strip or rough pavement that you can recover a thought or you when you bump someone or someone bumps you, or when someone drifts toward your front wheel, you hit your pedal;, someone crashes directly in front of you, etc….  Over the course of few post (I am sure there will be a lot of post on this topic), I hope to give you my insight on the key skill of cornering! 

Topics about cornering:

  • Setting up for the corner
  • How and when to start your corner in the pack
  • Following the wheel in front
  • Pedaling through a corner
  • RAIN RAIN go away!
  • Crashes
  • Types of corners
  • Finish the corner
  • Setting up for the next corner
  • Corning in a breakaway
  • How to make cornering an advantage for you
  • More I am sure

Ride Fast!