Are you pack fill?

Let’s face it, there is only one winner in a criterium but there might be 50+ other racers in the race.  Everyone dropped 25-40 bucks to race so that the top 10 can get the prize money.  In addition, you dropped 1,000 to 3,000+ for your bike, 50+ for your annual license, 200+ for your team kit, 100+ for helmet, 100+ for your shoes, etc…. Not to mention all of the time that you spent training.  This is an expensive sport just to get into the pack, but most racers just end up as pack fill.  Pack fill is racing with out an objective.  Your objective can be to win or some other specific plan.  Every race must have a specific objective for your season plan and for your long-term plan.  If you have just started racing, then you might just want to focus on improving your ability to hold your position and moving up in a pack.  Or maybe you want to focus on pedaling though corners.  Or maybe you want to focus on doing one fully committed attack.  Or maybe you want to try to win the sprint.  Just because you did not win the race does not mean that you were pack fill; however, you were pack fill if you did not achieve your objective for the race. 

Race Fast,