Accordion Effect?

I wanted to further illustrate the accordion effect in a pack and why you should not ride in the back.  For this example, I will assume that this is a CAT 4 pack which might average 25 mph per lap, and the corners are rather tight and technical, i.e. not a sweeping corner. Below you can see the rider in RED entering the corner and the BLUE rider is at the back of the pack.  The distance between the RED and BLUE guy is rather small right now as all of the riders are now going the same speed.  The RED guy is using some power right now but is below his LT, and the BLUE guys is coasting at zero power output. 

As the rider in RED makes it out of the corner and continues  going down the straightaway, he holds his 25 mph speed.   His power output is holding steady and he is staying aerobic.  The rider in BLUE is now slowing and maybe even breaking (remember this is a Cat 4 pack).  The riders in front of BLUE stopped pedaling  so they slowed down.  The BLUE guy as zero power output right now.  They pack is starting to stretch as gaps open up as the riders go through the corner .  The RED guy is moving away from the BLUE guy.

Below, the pack is now stretched completely out.  Everyone except the front riders are working to close gaps in the field.  This means they are pushing their power output above their LT.  The distance from the RED and BLUE rider is at the max.  The BLUE rider is going to have to go much faster and use a lot of power as he accelerates to close the gaps.

The pack is now squeezed back together, and everyone is going 25 again, but the whole process will start over now.  The distance from the RED and BLUE rider is now much closer.  The BLUE rider is now back at zero power output but his just sprinted for 15 seconds.  He was out of the saddle sprinting and pushing his power output to 2 times his LT, and his heart rate is now starting to peak towards his max.  He will have a few seconds to recover and then he will do it again.  Meanwhile the RED guy is now resting in second position, and his power output is still below his LT and his heart rate is staying aerobic.

After about 60 minutes of doing this the guy in RED who stayed in the front will now be able to lay down a serious attack or sprint for the finish.  The BLUE guy will have no idea what happened in the race and will be completely worn out from all of the sprinting.