Update on my training progress

The last few workouts have been a great progression on my max power output.  I have been concentrating on intensity and sprinting during the last few training blocks.  As I mention before, I have been doing 3 days hard and 2 days off for 4 cycles and then rest for 5 days.  This works well because I travel internationally once per month so I am able to plan my 5 days when I am overseas.  I have been riding inside for the last 4-5 months and finally I have been able to get some warm rides outside.  It as been a long winter with a lot of snow and cold in Wisconsin.  It is hard to work on sprinting on the trainer, so you can see the jump in March where I was able to start riding outside.  Results so far as of 3/23/10:

  • Max:  1455
  • 5 sec:  1391
  • 30 sec: 799
  • 60 sec: 650
  • 3 min: 401

I love to have some targets for my workouts and to reach new max outputs.  Here is a chart that I use to monitor my progress from WKO+

Soon, I will start focusing on some VO2 max/LT intervals blocks with efforts of 3-10 minutes.  The goal will be to push the 3 min and 5 min max outputs up.

Ride Hard,