WKO+ Performance Management Charts

As a continuation from my post about my training, I though I should also share how my 3on/2off looks on my WKO+ Performance Management Chart.  I think it can useful understand how to use this chart and what it can tell you. 

I have included in this post my PMC and my 3day graph over the same time period so that you can see the relationship between them.  There has been one major rest periods where I did no riding while I was in Europe from 3/7 to 3/12.  You can clearly see the 7 day rise in the TSB (yellow line) in the middle of the PMC chart.  In addition, you can see when I took 2 days off because the TSB line also goes up for 2 days and correspondingly you can see where the line goes down for 3 days when I was training.  Since the 7 day rest period, I have been doing 3on/2off plus my rides have been outside and longer.  The spread between the ATL (Purplish) and the TSB (Yellow) and the raising CTL indicate a training stress.  Clearly the spread and the slope on the CTL during the first 3 cycles was not as great as it has been on the last 3 cycles.  I am interested to see if I have been pushing myself too hard or just right. 

I felt the training stress on 3/24 when I was able to do a new best 3 min of 424, but I could not sprint well or hit high number on the rest of the 3 mins or the 60 second intervals.  The following two days off helped me recover for my workouts for the the last two days.  The last two days have been okay, but I have been struggling to hit numbers that I was able to hit during the first few cycles after the 7 day rest.  I will ride hard tomorrow but will rest for 5 days after this ride. 

Looking at the power output performance during the first three cycles of 3on/2off there was good progression, but there was a step function when you compare the first three cycles to the next three cycles after the 7 days rest.  I am excited to see if I can bring the same increase after the next 5 day rest period. 

 Results so far as of 3/28:

  • Max:  1464
  • 5 sec:  1391
  • 30 sec: 799
  • 60 sec: 650
  • 3 min: 424
  • 8 min: 360

Ride Hard,