Okay, I am an addict!

So,  I must admit.  I am addicted to my Powertap.  Late last Friday night, I was getting my bike ready for the year (new cables, chain, cassette, brake pads, bar tape, and a good cleaning) when noticed that my bottom bracket was shot!  Here is the problem:  I needed to ride early in the morning on Saturday because we were traveling to my in-laws for Easter.  This meant that I would need to ride an old bike.  I was starting to panic!  How would I be able to download and analyze my workout data.  Oh No!  I was getting the feeling like I did not have any caffeine for the day.  My old bike as completely disconnected–not even heart rate let alone speed.  I was starting to think that I should just skip the ride….wait…calm down.  I needed to make the best of it so changed up my workout.  I went completely old school and hit the hills for my intervals.  It was sort of relaxing just going hard and not worrying about the numbers. 

On the way to the in-laws, I was able to get a new bottom bracket and fix up the bike.  Sunday night I was able to ride again with my Powertap bike!  I was completely relieved.  Back to the numbers…yeah.  I am tracking my performance on the key performance indicators for criterium racing.  There are other factors such as repeatability and sprinting while you are already maxed out, but these are hard to show on a chart.  You can only find these by analyzing your rides and comparing your performance between rides.  But for the physical systems involved and the training, I find these numbers provide the best “dashboard” for crit racing. 

My best results 4/4 this season

  • Max:  1513 up from 1464
  • 5 sec:  1422 up from 1391
  • 30 sec: 874 up from 799
  • 60 sec: 650
  • 3 min: 426 up from 424
  • 8 min: 360
  • I was hoping that my recent rest period would allow me to start this block with hire numbers.  If I compare my best numbers from my first cycle in my last block to my best numbers from first cycle in this new block:

  • Max:  1381 vs 1513
  • 5 sec:  1293 vs 1422 
  • 30 sec:  775 vs 874
  • 60 sec:  596 vs 608
  • 3 min:  372 vs  426
  • Clearly, this block is off to a good start, but this block will be broken up by some traveling.  The next two weeks will be challenging for keeping up with my 3on/2off schedule.  I have race on Sunday followed by 6 days in the Netherlands.  I might get one or two rides in while I am in the Netherlands.  Then I flying back Saturday and racing again on Sunday.  This is the reality of workout planning, life never makes it easy.

    Back to the addict thing, one of the problem created by not using the powerrtap is that my Performance management chart gets a little off.  My Saturday ride looks like I rest day when actually I was hitting the hills hard.  Oh well.  Also, you can see the effect of my recent 4 day rest period.

    Ride Hard