My Criterium Training Update

My training has continued to go well.  I had a hiccup because I was stuck in Europe for an extra week during the volcano ash.  I was able to do some mountain biking during this time period but basically I had two weeks were my training was less than ideal.  I planned for one week, but not two.  This is how training goes sometime; there are things outside of your control

I use a dashboard to track my progression through my training blocks.  I like to track my max power at four key points because these are key markers for criterium racing.

  Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
  2/22-3/6 3/13-3/28 4/2-4/11 4/18-5/14
Max 1322 1464 1579 1537
30 sec 703 799 874 920
1 min 501 650 654 702
3 min 386 424 426 420

I have been spending a lot of time during the last 4 training blocks focused on sprints and anaerobic power.  My workouts for these 4 blocks have been similar, basically a variation of 6x3min, 3x1min, 3x30sec, and 3 to 6 short sprints.  I would mix up the order of the intervals to keep it interesting.  The workouts have been typically been 1.5 to 2.5 hours in length.  I would do 3 days of these workouts in a row and then not ride for 2 days.  After 3-4 cycles the I would take 4-5 days off.  

My updated training dashboard with my power points.  You can see the flat line where I manually entered my mountain bike rides.  (click on the chart for a full view)

For the next two training blocks, I will be focusing on moving my 3 minute max up.  I really want to be hitting numbers into the 500s for my 3 min intervals.  To do this, I need to spend more time doing intervals that are in the 10 min range.  This type of interval will help me improve my power at my LT.  I will also be increasing my workout length to be about 3 hours (there is more daylight in the morning now).  I will cut my sprints, 1 min and 30 secs intervals down to one or two so that I can hold the gains that I have made.  The 3 min intervals will be replaced with 6×10 with 5 min rest between intervals.   

Below is my performance management chart.  My training continues to show steady upward movement on the training stress.  I have just finished a 4 cycle training block and been resting for two days.  I rode easy today and I will ride easy tomorrow.  I will be racing on Sunday, so I will hopefully get a good video of the race and have a good race.  (click on the chart for a full view)

Ride Hard,