Willy Street Criterium Pro12

Willy Street Criterium, Madison WI May 16, 2010

Here is my power file info and the graph of the Pro12 race.  I added a yellow dashed line at 300 and 1000 for the power, and a blue dashed line at 25 and 30.  This race shows the changes in speed and the power spikes that happen lap after lap in a criterium.  I was just sitting in during this race since this was my second race of the afternoon.  At 4:30 in the race, I make it in between two guys sliding on the ground.


Duration:     56:00
Work: 926 kJ
Norm Power:    306
  Min Max Avg  
Power:  0 1128 276 watts
Heart Rate: 113 169 162  bpm
Cadence: 32  159 92  rpm
Speed: 7.4 34.2 28.0 mph

Ride Hard,