WI State Criterium Masters 123

This was not the best criterium for me because of the short but steep hill (not easy at 190lbs), but this was a great crit course.  I suffered up the hill because each time up it I was hitting over 1000 watts with a peak of 1309.  I had planned to attack with 1.5 laps to go so that I could get up the hill and have a gap to the finish.  Because of my poor positioning in the last 5 laps, I ended up attacking on the on the last lap, but at the top of the hill I did not have enough of a gap so I sat up on the last lap.  Also, it was sprinkling during that last half of the race, but not so much to make it dangerous.

Masters 123 State Crit:
  • Duration: 58:42
  • Work: 941 kJ
  • Norm Power: 316
  • Max 1309
  • Avg 267
  • Distance: 25.111 mi
  • Speed:  25.6 mph

Here is the WKO graph.  I added a line at 1200, 1000, and 300 watts.