Tour of Americas Dairyland – Waterloo

Masters 35+ 123 -  This was a nice course and a great day for racing (no rain!).  The TOAD organization is doing a great job organizing the races again this year.  Mentally, I was not in this race and I was not happy that I did not attack in the last 20 minutes of the race as I had planned.  I was at the front a few times towards the end of the race but for some reason I did not go.  It was not a very hard race based upon my low fatigue after the race and the power numbers.

Summary numbers from the power file: 

TOAD Waterloo M123:

  • Duration:          1:09:59
  • Work:              1061 kJ
  • Norm Power:        292
  • Distance:          31.302 mi
  •                              Min        Max        Avg
  • Power:               0        1215        253         watts
  • Heart Rate:          126        177        165         bpm
  • Speed:               4.5        35.5        26.8         mph

Below is the power file from the race.   I added a line for power at 300 and 1000, and a line for heart rate at 165.