Downers Ave Criterium- Tour of America’s Dairyland

Masters 123 Downers Ave  


I love this criterium.  I spent too much energy staying upfront early in the race.  I faded and slipped backwards towards the end of the race.  Then worked to move up but again I was not positioned for the finish.  The second corner on this crit was key.  When I was at the front it was easy and when I was at the back it slowed way down which required sprint to hold the wheels in front.

Summary Data TOAD Downers Ave M123:

  • Duration: 1:08:02
  • Work: 1127 kJ
  • Norm Power: 314
  • Distance: 30.369 mi
  •               Min Max Avg
  • Power: 0 1307 276 watts
  • Heart Rate: 141 174 164 bpm
  • Speed: 17.1 33.6 26.7 mph

Here is the powerfile from the race with a line at 300 and 1000, and 165 for HR.