Superweek Lake Geneva Criterium

Lake Geneva Superweek Criterium:  Masters 35+123
I had a pretty good day.  It was around 90 and sunny during the race so heat was a major fatigue factor.  In addition there was a headwind on the uphill on the backside of the course.  I sat at the back for 20 minutes, and then I did a few laps on a solo attack.  I started with a guy but he fell off pretty quickly.  I pulled back in, but stayed at the front.  A few attacks went off, and eventually I was in a seven or eight man break that stayed away.  I ended up in sixth place.  This new Lake Geneva crit course was very nice.  


Summary Details:  Superweek Lake Geneva:  

  • Duration: 1:03:32
  • Work: 966 kJ
  • Norm Power: 296
  • Distance: 27.383 mi
  •                          Min  Max   Avg
  • Power:               0       1348   254 watts
  • Heart Rate:   115     182    165 bpm
  • Speed:                5.1    38.8    25.8 mph