Superweek Kenosha Criterium

Masters 35+ 123 Superweek Crit

This was another new crit for Superweek, and I loved it.  It had a lot of turns and was flat.  It was another hot day around 90.  About half of the field finished the race.  I attacked with 2.5 half laps to go, but there were three guys up the road.  I almost made it up to the third place guy but I was fading, and the sprinters were coming.  A few of them caught me right at the line so I send up finishing 8th, but still a good day.

Here is the power file from the race:

Here is the summary data from the race:

Superweek Kenosha:

  • Duration:          56:35
  • Work:              919 kJ
  • Norm Power:        302
  • Distance:          24.059 mi
  •                                Min        Max        Avg
  • Power:                  0        1354        271         watts
  • Heart Rate:        151        180        168         bpm
  • Speed:                  17        33.9        25.5         mph