Masters National Criterium 40-44

USA Cycling Masters Nationals Criterium, Jeffersonville Indiana, 40-44, Saturday August 7 2010


I did what I planned to not do.  In my last few races, I have been too active early in the race, and then I am too spent when it really matters.   In the first 12 minutes, I worked my way up from the back of the pack, and then I followed an attack.  This had me at the front of the pack, which means that I can’t just sit there when guys are attacking.  I have to follow wheels, when I should have been looking for shelter.  This cooked me so I fade to towards the rear, which made it worse.    My back tighten up because I was sprinting hard out of two corners each lap.  It was also 90 degrees which made the second half of the race a little more challenging.  The course was great and the 70 or so riders are few notches up from the local competition.   Anyway, I just rolled in for the finish. 

I made great improvements this year with my sprinting and anaerobic power but I neglected specific work on my functional threshold power (FTP).  I have definitely increased my strength and short term speed.  My work this season have made me more competitive, but I am not able get away or recover from large efforts.  I am also holding a very high heart rate during crits.   In order for me to take it up a level, I will be spending the winter working on increasing my FTP.  Currently my FTP is around 320, and I would like to get it closer to 400.

  Summary Data

Work 1030 kJ      
Duration: 1:09:43      
Norm Power 279      
Distance 32.321 mi      
  Min Max Avg  
Power 0 1542 246 watts
Heart Rate 157 182 168 bpm
Speed 19.8 34.7 27.8 mph

 Power graph with power lines at 300 and 1000, and heart rate at 168.