Ten Points – A Great book about starting to crit race

Ten Points by Bill Strickland

I recently read this book (okay I listened to it on a recent 8 hour car ride by myself to a race), but I enjoyed the journey he takes you through.  I think you would enjoy this book.  Ride Hard, Steve 

Here is some info from Amazon:

Of the eight million dedicated cyclists in this country, just 32,044 own amateur racing licenses. There’s a reason for that: Racing is not only incredibly difficult, it’s downright excruciating, with the possibility for public humiliation never more than one pedal away. So when Natalie, Bill Strickland’s preschool-aged daughter, asked him if he could win ten points during one racing season — the bicycling equivalent of taking an at-bat against Randy Johnson or going one-on-one with Lebron James — a sensible man would’ve just said no and moved on. Instead, Strickland decided to try.In the process, he discovered that he was racing toward the loving home life he cherished and, at the same time, trying to get away from something far worse — his legacy of horrific childhood abuse. Strickland’s memoir is filled with lyrical insights on training and dedication, racing scenes packed with nail-biting suspense, and powerful reflections on the meaning of family. Because for Strickland, it’s definitely not about the bike.

From the Publisher

Bill Strickland believed he was cursed. No matter how secure his life outwardly seemed, the happiness he had attained with his wife and daughter hung by a thread—threatened by the monster Bill lived in constant fear of, a demon inside him that had been created by horrific childhood abuse.A lifelong but decidedly average bicyclist, Bill was challenged by his daughter to score ten points in a series of weekly races dominated by pro racers, national champions, and legends of the sport. He hoped that if he could achieve this impossible feat, he might similarly triumph over the indestructible demon that haunted his life. Weaving together the story of the races and Bill’s struggle to overcome a legacy of abuse, Ten Points is an insider’s look at the world of bicycling and the healing power of sports.

About the Author

Bill Strickland is the executive editor of Bicycling magazine and writes about cycling and fitness for publications including Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, and Parenting. He has commented about cycling on such television programs as Good Morning America and CBS’s The Early Show. Strickland lives in Pennsylvania.