My Training Goals 2011 season

Last year I spent a lot time working on my anaerobic and sprint power, and I made huge gains from the start of the year. 

  Start Finish Increase
Max 1322 1627 23% 
30 sec 703 1011 43%
1 min 501 744 49%
3 min 386 456 18%
5 min 364 385 5%
20 min 318 342 8%

I focused on this area because I felt my ability to jump and hold wheels had been faltering over the last few years.  This last year I felt I achieve my training goals, but my results were not what I was hoping for.  I was fading towards the end my races.  I had lots of top end speed but not a lot of endurance, and I was riding most of my crits with an average heart rate of 165+ and nominative power at 300+.  I was basically at my FTP for one hour in most of the crits so there was little room for attacking or sprinting at the end.  Based on my recent workout, I have raised my FTP to 325 (20 min at 342).  Most of the season my 20 minute mean maximal by month has been holding arond 300.  It was only the last 2 months that I have spend anytime working on my FTP.  

When I look at what I need to do for next year, I clearly need to improve my power at LT (FTP).  I will be spending the next six months of training focused on raising my FTP and dropping some weight.  This means that I will be spending a lot of time on the computrainer over the winter.  I also want to get my weight down to 165 to 170 from the 185-188 that I was holding at this summer.   This will help my racing performance in many ways but it will improve my ability to finish my races at the top. 

Training Goals for 2011 

  1. FTP @ 400 (421 for 20 min test) by June 1.  If my ftp is around 400, then for my races instead of being maxed out at 165+ ave heart rate, I will be around 140 while in the pack, which will allow me to save my max efforts for attacking rather than just holding on.  Key: develop more power while staying aerobic.
    • FTP:  300 to 400 (168HR)
    • AR:  280 to 373 (158 HR)
    • Max Fat:  220 to 293 (137 HR)
  1. Watt/Kg 5.6 by June 1   
    • Current 20 min = 3.8 (322*2.2/185)
    • Cat 1 goal = 5.44
    • If 165 and 420 = 5.6 or 47% improvement

Next post, I will detail what I will be doing to achieve these training goals. 

Ride Hard,