The Sufferfest!

The weather in Wisconsin is turning cold and the hours of daylight are shrinking…now the trainer rides are starting.  I am always looking for cool videos to help enhance my basement suffering.  I recently came across some reasonably priced and very well done training videos from  I recently downloaded Fight Club and Angels. 

Fight Club is great because it made the hour go by quick.  The race videos were from  UCI 2009 Road World Championships in Mendrisio, Switzerland.  I loved seeing Cancellara and Evans suffering in the time-trial and road race.  The music was great and perfect for the structured workout.  The attacks just kept coming!

Angels was about climbing.  I loved to see Andy Schleck and Contador battling on the hills, but even better was the footage Contador suffering and getting dropped!  Again the music was great for the workout. 

These videos were clearly edited by someone who understands racing and suffering.  These videos help you get a hard workout in but do it in a way that makes the suffering fun.  I am sick of the videos of some dude yelling at you to go harder.  I will definitely will be watching the others and adding these to my winter video library.

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