7 Habits of Highly Effective Criterium Racers

Here are what I call the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Criterium Racers (thanks Steven Covey):

1. Detailed Goals

  • You should have 3 Racing goals and 3 training goals, and no more than 3. 
  • Your goals need to be SMART
    • Specific Measurable Attainable, Realistic, Time bound
  • Your coach can help you set SMART goals.

2. Quality Training

  • Season plan, month plan, week plan, workout plan
  • You need a coach to give you advice and help mentor you.  You need someone you can bounce ideas off and someone that will help guide your forward.
  • Your coach should work with you to set up a training plan.

3. Quality Nutrition

  • Eating the quality foods at the right time for your body.

4. Quality Rest and Sleep

  • You don’t get better by training, but you do get better if you rest after training and recover after a training block.

5. Mentally Prepared

  • You have to be mentally prepared to execute your plan and deal with the changes that happen during the race.
  • You have to be prepared to suffer and suffer and suffer
  • Your coach can help you get ready mentally for the race

6. Monitoring and Feedback (from a coach)

  • WKO+, trainingpeaks.com, restwise.com
  • You need to see where you have been in order to see how to go forward.
  • You need to analyze your racing results to see what is working and not working
  • Your coach can help you interpret the data.

7. Race Preparation and Luck

  • Racing is about being prepared
    • Ensuring you arrive on time, with all of yours stuff
    • Extra wheels, food, water, drinks, cloths, shoes, helmet, etc…
    • Eliminate all of the variables outside of your control
  • The actual race can depend a lot upon luck.
    • Did you avoid the crash, were you at the front when the winning break went off, did you get a flat, etc…..

Ride Hard