My 2011 Training and Racing Schedule

As an example of how to plan, I thought I would post my planning sheet for my 2011 season. 

I started with my racing and training goals for 2011, then added my known obligations for work and vacations.  I have a relatively challenging travel schedule which includes 10-12 international trips per year, so it is important that I work around these dates.  Next, I looked that potential races that might or like to do and put them into the schedule along with my key fitness testing dates.  Next, I added my training blocks which for me are build around my travel schedule.  I typically have 3-4 weeks of training followed by a week of travel.  Most of my travel ends up being completely off because of my schedule overseas.  Then I added my daily hours each week.  In Wisconsin, my rides are inside on the trainer so they are not long until then snow melts.

Ride Hard,