My workout for the next few months

Right now, I am experimenting with stallouts after my 2×30 min LT efforts.  I recently read about these in the book by Bill Edwards, Progressive Power Training.  I am doing two variations of the stallouts based upon my modification of his idea.  The first stallout is aimed at the anaerobic energy system.   I set a computrainer .erg program for 1 min at a powerlevel that I know at 45 sec it will start to get hard and by the end it will completely shut me down.   The goal of these intervals is to completely stop you from pedaling so that you have fully drained the energy system.  I do these seated and am currently using 500 watts, but based on the powertap file I am well over 500.  As I am able to reach closer to one minute, I will start increasing the wattage.   Also, it important to maintain a race cadence during the interval so that the muscles are working race speed when the hammer drops.  I target 100-110 rpms on these. 

Below is a screen shoot of a recent one minute stallout.  The first 30-40 seconds don’t feel so bad because  all of the muscles are being recruited and all of the energy systems are relatively full.  Then, it kicks in quickly at 35-45 seconds.   I am suffering by 50 seconds…shutting down.  I am just not able to generate any power or keep the cadence up.  I was frustrated on this one because I did not go as long  as I wanted to, and I tried to kick in one more time but could not.  I do these in the drops because the goal of these are to recruit muscles as you would use them in the race.  It is important to train as you race so that your body is able to recruit every muscle to drive power, i.e.  so that you are building neuromuscular systems in your legs.  


Next I do a similar stallout but only for 12 seconds.  For this interval, I set computrainer .erg file to ramp up from 500 to 2000 in 12 seconds.  Again, I do this in the drops and get my rpms to about 120 just before the power ramps up.  Then I try to hold my rpms and form as the watts start hitting me.  These will shut you down very quickly, so much so that you will only get about 6-10 pedal strokes.

January and February are tough trainer months in Wisconsin because there is no chance for riding outside…too much snow and cold.  My training blocks for the next 2 months will be the workout below on Tues, Thur and Sat.  Monday is off, Wed and Friday are 60 min easy, and Sunday is 2-3 hours aerobic.  

  • 10 min warmup
  • 2×30 at 280-300 with 10 min rest
  • 3x1min stallouts with 5 min rest
  • 3x10sec stallouts with 5 min rest
  • Cool Down until hit 2 hours

The stallouts are really only able to be done on an ergometer because you need to be able to set a power level that will not stop until you stop pedaling.   If you want my erg file, send me an email and I will send it to you.  If you are using rollers or standard type trainer, I don’t think it will be possbile to do stallouts.

Ride Hard,