Will Spring Ever Come?

Lately, I have been writing a lot about my training, and I will continue this trend today.  Soon I will get back to writing about criterium tactics and team tactics.  I thought I would share my Performance Manager Chart so that you can see the effects of my winter training.  (Warning:  If you don’t use WKO+ or Trainingpeaks.com, this won’t make much sense to you). 

I have been riding the trainer a lot this winter.  I have logged 114 hours on my computrainer from my last outside ride on 11/30/10 to my first outside ride this year on 3/2/11.  In order to make it bearable, I use a combination of streaming Netflicks (Lost, 24, Heros…), World Cycling videos (I love Fabian Cancellara),and my crits videos from 2010.  I am still doing my Max Tuesday workout and 3x30s Wednesday to Sunday with Monday off.  With budget cutting this year, I have reduced my travel schedule for the first half of the year so I have had a long period without traveling.  This has helped me build a my CTL back up.  My CTL (Blue Line) had been dropping steadily since November because of the combination of lower TSS inside rides and traveling.  On the chart, you can notice how my TSB (Yellow bars) would peak like a mountain when I would travel for a week and I would slowly bring down until the next trip.  My TSB has been negative since January 20 which as been my longest period with a negative balance for a long time.  My CTL bottom outs at the end of my last trip on January 14 and has risen slowly since then.  I have been keeping my training below threshold so that I can focus deeply on my aerobic system without needing to take much recovery.  The black line at the top which shows my 10 best 20 mins over this time period which shows that I have been keeping my intervals below threshold.  I have been targeting to hit a CTL of 100 by March 28, which is when my next trip starts.  Based upon my current ramp rate I should be able to hit this, and by then I will need a rest week.  After this trip, I will then have a 6 week block focused mainly on threshold work and longer outside rides.  I will retest my metabolic efficiency and VO2 Max on May 10.   Then I will follow up with 3 weeks of VO2 max intervals and then 2 weeks of anerobic work to peak for TOAD. 

Ride Hard,