Staying on a wheel in Criterium!

I am going to keep this short since I hope to be able to post a new race video tomorrow.

It is that time of the year.  Many people are preparing for their first criterium race ever, and this advice is for those newbies. YOU MUST STAY ON THE WHEEL IN FRONT OF YOU.  Completing your first criterium requires that you learn the first rule of racing…conserving energy.  You might have done some group rides but riding in a pack in a criterium can be a complete different experience.  Until you get your first race under your belt, you need learn how draft in a pack while cornering shoulder to shoulder at full speed.  Many new racers are not sure what to concentrate on during the race so they are watching everything around them and soon find themselves having to sprint to keep up because they soft pedaled or braked.  You need to watch the wheel in front of you and concentrate on your pedaling so that you are sticking about one foot off of the wheel in front of you.  You need to learn how to anticpate what they will be doing so that you stay right on their wheel.  You need to start sprinting out of the corner right when they do, you need to coast into the corner right when they do, and you need to adjust your pedaling to stay right on their wheel on the straights.  Obviously, you should move around the wheel in front of you if they are getting dropped, but otherwise, you should just focus on staying on the wheel in front of you for a few laps.  Once you get your first half of the race completed, you will be ready to practice moving around in the pack and getting ready to sprint for the WIN!

Ride Hard