GDVC #1 Criterium Masters 123

After a lot of screwing around with my new MacBook, I finally got this video to post.  The race was okay for me considering I was still getting over a cold.  The break was established at the first corner with Chris attacking and then Bob, Billy and another ISCorp guy bridged up in the next few laps.  ISCorp was doing a good job shutting down the field.  Eventually, the break lapped the rather slow field.

Here a link to the TP file: Interval #1 is for the Masters 123 race and Interval #3 is for the P12 race.  I dropped out of the P12 race because I was having trouble breathing.  I am feeling much better this week so hopefully that races will go better on Sunday at GDVC #2.

Duration:           1:00:33
Work:                952 kJ
TSS:                  96.2 (intensity factor 0.976)
Norm Power:    303
Distance:          24.471 mi
Min         Max      Avg
Power:              0           1300     262       watts
Heart Rate:       106       165       154       bpm
Cadence:          45         196       87         rpm
Speed:              0           32.9      24.2      mph
Below is the power file graph with a line yellow power line at 300 and 1000 and heart rate lines at 150 and 160.


Ride Hard,