GDVC #2 Criterium Masters 123

April 17, 2011

This race went much better for me.  I was attacking or blocking, and my power output was much better.  Pat got off in the break about halfway through the race, and Chris and I were blocking for the rest of the race.  I attacked with a few laps to go but died. Pat finished up third.

Below is the power file with Yellow power lines at 300 and 1000 watts.  You can see the spot were I attacked early in the race.  The red lines are HR at 150 and 160.

GDVC M123 April 17
Duration:           59:40
Work:                998 kJ
TSS:                  104.2 (intensity factor 1.023)
Norm Power:    317
Distance:          23.717 mi
Min       Max      Avg
Power:              0           1125     279       watts
Heart Rate:       113       166       154       bpm
Cadence:          36         239       85         rpm
Speed:              0           34.5      23.8      mph