Fitchburg Crit Race Report

I finally have my video camera problem solved after contacting Contour.  I when I switched over to a Mac earlier this year, I did not understand that you have to empty the trash with the camera connected.  It was not enough to just delete the files off of the camera like I did on the PC.  So basically,  it looked like the camera was empty but it was not.  So hopefully now I will capture the full races again.  I thought for sure my camera was turning off or failing but it was actually full.

I wish my camera was working on Saturday because I had a good race.  I ended up getting second in a two man break.  My basic plan for the race was to sit in and wait to go hunting until 10 laps to go. With about ten laps to go at the fitchburg course, Brian attacked just as I was moving up the front, so the timing was perfect.  We gained a large gap very quickly because the pack was tiring and we both had blocking teammates. For the first 44 minutes of the race I had been sitting in the pack before the break started, I had following stats while sitting in:
  • NP:  264
  • AP:  231
  • Max:1031
  • HR:  156
  • MPH:  25.9
For the next 17 mins in the break, I had the following:
  • NP 340
  • AP:  324
  • Max: 1398
  • HR:  167
  • MPH:  25.8
It was interesting to note the slower average speed for the break compared to the first part of the race.    How did we get away?  The first five minutes was key:
  • NP  357
  • AP  352
  • HR: 167
  • MPH:  26.8
You can see in the screen shot of the break.  The dotted blue line is the 25.8 MPH Average speed, so you can see how we held the speed up for a few laps but then settled around the average. With our teams blocking and going an average speed about 1 mph faster for five minutes, we were able to get about 25 seconds on the field.  This allowed us to work smoothly to together holding off the pack until the finish.
I thought that I would be able to attack Brian up the hill after he took a pull starting the last lap.  I attacked hard up the hill and got a gap, but as we went down the long finishing straight Brian was able to close the gap on me as I was fading and sprint around me for the win at the line. You can see spike where I attacked up the hill, and the second spike where I attempted to sprint.
Below is the screen shot from the whole race:
Ride Hard