Start of 2012 Criterium Season!

I am ready to get some racing in this year, but this year will be a little different than my past years.  My off season this year was challenging for a variety of reasons.

First, I bought a lake cabin so there has been a lot trips “up north” to play with my wife and boys and friends. We were doing a lot of fishing, boating, ice fishing this winter, and some winter training.  I am sure that because of this change I will be doing less racing this summer and more time at the lake.  I will be racing but only the races that I really like or fit into my schedule.

Next, I was having back issues towards the end of last season.  While I was doing my trainer sessions this winter, I put a mirror in front of me.  I really suggest that you put big mirror in front of you while you are on the trainer.  You will see things that can’t be seen on the road.  I noticed that my right shoulder was twitching while I was in the drops.  I could see it but I could not stop it.  It was very strange.  I screwed around with my position, which was the wrong approach. I had a hitch on my right side. The end result after a lot of screwing around was that my right hamstring was too tight.  I have been working hard to balance this and lengthen my tight hamstrings.  My back is getting much better.

Finally, I gave myself a hernia while doing core work at a hotel in HK in January!  This of course did not help my off seasons.  I had surgery on March 19.  I was off the bike for 2 weeks and was able to do a few rides during the next 2 weeks, and then I raced twice last weekend.

The end result of this series of events is that I will be starting from my lowest CTL (Chronic Training Load – blue line) point in many years.  The graph below is from my account and it shows the last two years.  I will be on a serious rebuild this year so this will be interesting to see how my body reacts as I start to crank it back up.  Of course, this also reduced my motivation to write on my website.  I am committed to get back at it…both riding and writing!

Racing last weekend was still a little painful, but I only had a goal of finishing.  My heart rate was through the roof and my power was low, but I finished.  Here is a link to the two power files on my training peaks account Masters 123 and Pro12.  Let me know if you can access these files.  They are from the public side, so hopefully this will work.

This weekend I hope to race again, and I will get some video.  Last weekend I skipped the video because of high chance of rain.

Ride Hard