I love Criterium Racing!  This website is only about Criterium Racing and how to win Crits.  It is my goal to help you gain the skills and fitness to win crits!  This website is mainly about me and my quest for getting faster and fitter, while still doing a few races. 

I am a USCF level 2 Power certified coach.  I have been racing for 20 years.  I have been a cat 2 racer for many years and now I am mainly racing with masters classes.  It is funny how work, wife and kids can limit the amount of time to train and race.

My life as an althlete started when I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 9 to 21.  After a three years of college swimming, I needed to give it up because I had blown out my rotator cuff.  This is when I decided to start bike racing.  I needed to compete, and bike racing was a great outlet.  I have focused on crits because of the short and intense nature of racing.  I have found that I like road races but love crits.  Luckily, most racing around the USA is crits.

I currently race for http://www.gdvc.net/


Steve Downs